Courageous Conversations

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C3 Special Focus on Medicine

Keynote  with Sister Mary Diana Dreger, MD

“I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life”

Using this foundational yet enigmatic self-portrayal of Jesus, Sister Mary Diana will analyze and apply its meaning to the modern-day medical professional. The Divine Physician, the Healer of wounded souls, provides for us a model of professionalism, a teaching on the truths of humanity,

and Himself as the source and sustenance of our being. If the healthcare world itself needs healing,

to Whom should it go?

Saturday Track with Medical Focus

We are thrilled to offer a series of talks and discussion sessions guided toward medical professionals or those with an interest in Courageous Conversations in that field.  Followed Sister Mary Diana's Keynote presentation on Saturday, March 8,  we'll break up into groups to really engage with one another about current hot topics in the medical field.

Saturday, March 8 - Only $25

9:00am Keynote Presentation, Sr. Mary Diana Dreger

10:00am Courageous Conversations: Your choice!

1. How Shall We Reach Them? Health Care Access for the Poor and Immigrants.

Facilitated by Dr. Morgan Wills and Sr. Mary Diana Dreger, MD

2. Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: The Ethics and Urgencies of Invitro-Fertilization.

Facilitated by Dr. D. Joy Riley

3. Christ the Physician: The Physician/Nurse-Patient Relationship and Patient-Centered Care.

Facilitated by Dr. John Leonard and Dr. Wes Ely

10:50am Courageous Conversations: Your choice!

1. When Helping Hurts: Can We Do Global Health Wisely?

Facilitated by Dr.Doug  Heimburger

2. Living v. Flourishing: Medicine and the Whole Person

Facilitated by Dr. Morgan Wills and Dr. Wes Ely

3. I Will Rise Again: Seeking Abundant Life in the Face of Death

Facilitated by Dr. John Shuster and Dr. D. Joy Riley

Hello there!

We're very excited about C3, March 6-8, 2014.

Our event is focused on having "Courageous Conversations" because there are a number of  tough subjects we all tend to avoid in our daily lives. Every person who attends the full experience will take part in interactive teaching to form good communication skills that will strengthen relationships at work, home, and church. Addiction, recovery, urban living and worship, the Gospel and healthcare, the millennial generation and religion...these are just a few of the topics that our speakers will set the table with—then it will be your chance to pull up a chair and learn how to have the courageous conversations that are awaiting you.

We can't wait for you to join the conversation.


Rev. Chris Bowhay

C3 Director

Register Now!

Full Event: Only $95

Thursday evening—Saturday morning

Arts Festival Only: $40

Thursday evening, March 6, 5-9pm

Saturday Only: $25

March 8, 9am-noon

What is C3?

C3 is a three-day event with internationally recognized speakers and focused interactive groups centered around the theme of Courageous Conversations. Thursday opens with the popular Arts Festival, featuring artists from around the country, tapas, wine, stellar music and our first speaker. Friday features 4 speakers and hands on training on 3 key communication skills everyone needs in order to tackle the divisive  issues we face in modern society with respect for others' opinions. C3 is for everyday people whether artists, church leaders, students, pastors, professors, business leaders, medical workers, or lay people.

Go to to find out more!

Speakers & Artists

We are thrilled to announce these special guests for our 2014 conference. Learn even more about them at
Sr Mary Diana Dreger.jpg

Sister Mary Diana Dreger, MD

Dominican Nun & Physician - Sister Mary Diana Dreger, O.P., has been providing health care for medically underserved patients at the Saint Thomas Family Health Center South Clinic since 2007.
Paul Young - horz standing smiling wall.jpg

William P. Young

Author of The Shack - Paul Young was born a Canadian and raised among a stone-age tribe by his missionary parents in the highlands of what was New Guinea (West Papua).

Glennon Doyle Melton

Glennon Melton is the founder of and author of the New York Times Bestseller Carry On, Warrior."
Melvin Bray.jpg

Melvin Bray

Melvin Bray is the founder, director, "chief gardener" of Kid Cultivators, a missional youth development nonprofit.

Rachel Held Evans

Voice of the Millennial Generation, Rachel Held Evans is an award-winning author and popular blogger from Dayton, Tennessee.
Mark Holmen.png

Mark Holmen

Rev. Mark Holmen is a national and international consultant and speaker for the "Faith At Home" movement that equips congregations to make the home the primary place where faith is nurtured.
Baxter Kruger Photo 1.jpg

Baxter Kruger

Dr. C. Baxter Kruger, theologian, writer and fishing lure designer is the Director of Perichoresis Ministries.
Keaggy 3.jpg

Phil Keaggy

Renowned Guitarist & Songwriter, Phil Keaggy is perhaps one of the most admired guitarists in music today. His fans range from those who aspire just to be able to play Keaggy’s mistakes, to professional musicians who have been strongly influenced by his style.

C3 Arts Festival

The Arts Festival on March 6 kicks off our weekend with fabulous tapas, wine, and fine art from artists around the country. Our first speaker, Glennon Melton of and the world renowned guitarist, Phil Keaggy will be in concert that evening. The whole night wraps up with a service of Compline, chanted by men by candlelight, it is a perfect way to end the day.  

 Find all the details at  C3 Nashville: Arts Festival!

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